Holiday Greetings 2018

December 1, 2018

This year, we celebrated Pointer A/S’ 10-year anniversary. We are grateful and thank all who participated in our reception in June and for the many greetings and kind thoughts.

Throughout the years we have built a solid position on the Danish and Greenlandic search market. By upholding the highest demands for quality, discretion and efficiency we have met our ambition level in regard to deliverance. An ambition level we are proud of and one we will strive to uphold.

Innovation and entrepreneurial spirit are great influential factors on present business life and is positively influencing the Danish economy. Both in the private and the public sector digitalization continues to rise; it affects our customers demand for digital understanding – almost regardless of which position, they are recruiting for.

The technological development requires new ways of collaborating within organizations and how to lead them. When the external environment constantly changes, the organization’s own agility becomes more important and it is necessary to find the balance between development and operation. Therefore, we are certain that flexibility, drive and ability to act from both employees and leaders will be sought-after in the coming years.

An interesting 2019 awaits the private and public sector, and our teams in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Greenland and our sister company in Finland are ready to take on the challenges.

We wish all a merry Christmas and a rewarding New Year.

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